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We have a well trained people called “Bail Bond Runners”

How We Operate

At A Mobile Bail Bonds, we have a well trained group of men and women called “Bail Bond Runners”. This is what makes us one of the most unique type of bail bond service in the Harris County, Houston area. Our bail bond runners come to your home, office, or where ever you prefer and help you fill out the applications. Then they take the bail bonds to the Harris County Bonding windows for processing. The runners will call the indemnitors after posting the bail bond so they can relax, knowing the bond has been posted and accepted. They will then give you the estimated time that your loved one, friend, or family member will be released from Jail.

The defendant will come to our office the next day and fill out their paperwork. We will get to know each other, go over all the details and explain to you all about your responsibilities after getting a bail bond. We also have employees that will notify each defendant and their indemnitors the night before the court date, with the time, court number, and floor. It is setup so you won’t miss this very important date. The team at A Mobile Bail Bonds will treat you fair and with respect. Each employee has been specially trained and hand picked to assure the clients get the best bail bond service in the Harris County/Houston area.

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