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Evading Arrest: Definition

Evading arrest is that the crime of evading an endeavor at a lawful detention or arrest by a lawman. This offense is prosecuted as either an infringement or a crime. Moreover, as long because the detention or arrest itself was lawful, you cannot beat a charge of evading arrest by proving that you just weren’t guilty of the crime that the officer wanted to detain or arrest you.

Evading arrest is outlined as follows:

It is unlawful for any individual to deliberately turn tail from anyone the person is aware of to be an enforcement officer and therefore the person:

(1) is aware of the officer is trying to arrest the person

(2) Has been inactive.

(b) It’s a defense to prosecution below this section that they tried arrest was unlawful.



If you did not “willfully” evade the lawman, you are not guilty. Perhaps you were thus distracted that you just did not notice you were being followed. Maybe you were frightened to tug over as a result of you were alone within the automobile or it absolutely was late at nighttime, you were in an exceedingly scary neighborhood, etc. or even some other person was in your automobile forcing you to stay driving far from the officers.


Under any of those situations, your act of evading wasn’t willful and, as a result, you must not be guilty of the charge.


Similarly, if you do not specifically “intend” to evade the peace officer, you don’t violate this law. For instance, if you’re either voluntarily or involuntarily intoxicated, you will be unable to create the precise intent to commit against the law.

If your attorney will prove that you just were thus intoxicated that you just did not will turn tail the officers, or did not even notice they were following you, you must be clean-handed of this charge. However, you will face DUI charges for the incident.

Insufficient proof

If your attorney will negate that:

  • The officer displayed a red light-weight,
  • That the officer was in an exceedingly distinctive uniform,
  • That the officer wasn’t in an exceedingly marked automobile.

Then you are not guilty.

Evading Arrest or detainment may be a category A wrongdoing, meriting of up to 1 year within the province punitive facility and fine to not surpass $10,000, on the off probability that he will it by walking. it’s a state imprison crime, meriting of half-dozen months to a pair of years within the State punitive  facility, day for day, and a $10,000 fine, if the individual dodges by foot associate degreed has an earlier conviction for sidestepping by foot.


Evading Arrest or detainment may be a examination lawful offense, meriting of two to ten years within the Lone-Star State Branch of Revision, and a $10,000 fine, if the individual escapes whereas in an exceedingly vehicle. It’s a lawful offense of the second degree within the event that someone bites the mud thanks to sidestepping in an exceedingly vehicle.


We have seen associate degree Brobdingnagian spike during this wrongdoing over the foremost recent quite a long whereas particularly in territories shut Fortification Hood. An excellent deal of individuals within the military area unit conferring this offense on bikes. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination clear why there’s a huge spike, thought it provides off a control of being as a result of Post atrocious Anxiety Issue. I even have spoken to over twelve fighters over the foremost recent quite a whereas for this offense in Chime Williamson Districts.


The most we tend toll-known effective decreases for sidestepping capture or detainment we get keep of a straight rejection area unit Escaping or Endeavoring to Evade Cop and Heedless Driving. Each of those offenses area unit usually category B wrongdoings.


A man submits the offense of escaping or endeavoring to evade a cop if the individual works associate degree engine vehicle and mulishly fizzles or declines to convey the vehicle to a stop or escapes, or endeavors to evade, a seeking once police vehicle once given a visible or sound flag to convey the vehicle to a stop.


As mere higher than, escaping or endeavoring to evade cop may be a category b offense meriting of up to one hundred eighty days within the district punitive facility and fine to not surpass $2,000. This is often far better than the examination crime that dodging capture or detainment in associate degree engine vehicle is. within the event that individual escapes or endeavors to evade a cop whereas sizzled, the offense is inseminate to a category against the law, consequently creating it meriting of up to one year within the district imprison and a fine to not surpass $4,000.


If guilty of violating Vehicle Code 2800.1 VC California’s “evading a police officer” law, you confront to 1 year in a very county jail and a most $1,000 fine.

The police and therefore the prosecutors powerfully pursue these cases since they wish to defend their own.

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