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Felony Bail Bonds

If there’s a fighting chance that your loved one can get out of jail on bail, you must do everything you can to bring them home. Sometimes, this involves simple actions as looking to agencies like ours to provide help where and when you cannot handle it all by yourself.

Having a family member or loved one in jail is already tough enough, and we want to make it better right away by promising extreme professionalism and confidentiality. We will be patient to listen to all your suggestions, and help you assess your options.

We like to start off by educating you on the felony arrest process and details about booking, jail and processing of an arrestee. So long as a bail is up, we are here to ensure financial issues don’t come between the homecoming of your loved one.

First off, we will start by defining felony. It is a crime punishable by at least one year and one day (366 days of imprisonment). It could be a violent or non-violent offense.


A Mobile Bail Bonds covers many felony bonds. The judge determines whether to grant bond and in what amount. In some cases, the defendant is released on personal recognizance, which means he or she does not have to pay bond. If he or she is ordered to pay bond, the defendant must post the ordered amount with the court before he or she is released. The judge may also impose additional conditions on the defendant’s release. This may include surrendering weapons, not leaving the jurisdiction or not contacting the victim.


Your problem, our problem:

The only thing better than bailing your loved one out of jail is bailing them fast. We will work instantly to process bail bonds as fast as possible. For this reason, we have devised means of serving you 24 hours every day by working with a large and competent staff in shifts.

Affordability is very essential in hiring a bail bonds agency. We don’t want to compound more misery on you, we have offered the cheapest felony bail bonds since inception. Call 713-463-7774 for a free consultation now. We’re standing by 24/7.

It gets better from here; because all of our payment plans have a zero percent (0%) interest rate on them. That means it’s easier for you to help your loved ones.

We are confident in our ability to process your bonds quickly because our owner serves as secretary to the Bail Bondsmen. That is the sort of connection you can’t get elsewhere. Read our reviews on google and you will see why A Mobile Bail Bonds is the highest ranked bondsman in all of Houston. Our owner Glenda Tanner has even been awarded the Bail Bondsman of the year in Harris County.

When you call our company, we’ll be sure to show you how interested we are in helping out by showing you all the possible solutions out. Do not hesitate to give us a call as soon as a bail is granted. We are itching to serve.

Rescue Your Loved Ones From Rigorous Confinement In Jail by Hiring the Bondsmen of Houston, TX

Getting imprisoned in jail for some criminal offense is a matter of great distress for both the arrestee as well as his or her family member. As per the judiciary system, committing any activity that is prohibited or restricted by the law is a serious offense. Whether you are convicted driving a car consuming alcohol or has been accused of attempt to murder, both implies to rigours confinement in jail as in both the situations an individual is doing something that makes serious threats to the life of other person and is a huge offense in the eyes of law. It does not matter for which criminal charge you have been arrested, you will be put into the same jail where other criminals are also present. The environment of the jail is extremely terrible. It is a horrifying experience for a person to visit jail. One has face to several difficulties surviving in jail and it extremely humiliating for the defendants who are been arrested on doubt of some crime that may also be proven wrong in the court to live inside the jail. For such people, it an extremely terrifying experience of their lifetime. In most cases, many of such convicted defendants attempt to suicide inside the jail as they are not able to survive the difficulties of remaining inside the jail.

Jail is one of the most terrible places on earth that anyone ever wants to visit in their lifetime. But, people, who get arrested on doubt of some crime needs to get a way out to come out the prison to get a rescue from the difficulties of surviving inside the jail. The best way to temporarily get out of jail and escape the environment of the prison is getting bail.

Bail – an Ideal Rescue for the Arrestee to Get out of the Prison

Bail is a legal process of temporarily getting a convicted defendant out of jail on guarantee of some collaterals or money.”It is a legal method with the help of which one can seek a release from jail on a temporary a basis and escape living inside the jail with the other criminals.

As per the law, no one can be held guilty until it is proven. So, until the court announces that the charges made on the defendant is true and help the convicted guilty for the crime, he or she possess the rights to seek bail and get out of the prison on a temporary basis.

However, getting bail is not so easy. You need enough finances or assets to make the guarantee in the court on basis of which the officiating judge confirms the release of the convicted from the police custody.

The bail amount is often set quite high due to which not everyone can easily afford bail. This makes it quite natural for the convicted defendants lacking sufficient finances to face the harsh living conditions of the jail.

But, in the present scenario, things have changed a lot. The service of bail bonds has got introduced in the United States of America for helping defendants to get out of jail on bail without much inconvenience or hassle.

What Is a Bail Bonds Service?

The bail bond service is actually an assistance that helps the convicted defendants both financially as well as legally to post bail in the court and get a quick release out of the police custody. If you are a defendant seeking bail in the US, then taking the service of bail bonds can be really helpful for you.

The bail bonds service mainly prevails in the US. The major reason for the same may be the high number of arrests and crimes taking place in the US every day. This service enable the defendants and their family members to get the bail permission quickly that in turn helps the suspected to get a temporary release from the prison and escape the harsh environment of jail.

Best Bail Bond Companies in the US

There are many bail bond companies in the US. But the bail bonds service providers in Downtown, Houston, Texas are the best with regard to bonding services in the entire US. You will get outstanding bail bonds services in Houston, TX. Some of the major reasons for the same are:

  • Affordable bail bonds
  • 24/7 hour assistance
  • High ratings and reviews from the previous clients
  • Instant processing of the bail legal paperwork
  • Zero percent interest on payment plans
  • Online bail bonds assistance
  • Rehabilitation assistance
  • Helps find jobs for the convicts
  • And many more

Thus, if you or any of your family members has got arrested for some criminal offense in Texas or surrounding areas, then consider taking the assistance of the bail bonds companies in Downtown, Houston, TX.

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How Can the Bail Bond Companies in Downtown Houston Help You Get Quick Bail Release from Jail?

In the era of 21st century, crime is very much prevalent in each and every corner of the world. Committing wrongful activities that are offenses as per the state and country judiciary system leads to an arrest. Such confinements are meant to punish the individuals attempting or actually violating the laws enforced by the judiciary system. But, nobody can be held culprit until the court makes its final verdict. An individual gets arrested only on the doubt that the person has committed the crime but unless the crime is proved in the court, the defendant cannot be held guilty. So, this means it is unfair in the part of the suspected defendants to be inside the jail and face the humiliating life of a prisoner. This is the reason, the court provides the opportunity to defendants for posting bail in the court. With the help of the bail, a defendant seeks to come out of jail and await his/her court proceedings from outside of jail. Bail is a very useful legal allowance for the arrested defendants to get out of jail and escape from the pathetic prisoner life.

While bail is a very effective way to get out of jail before the court’s final verdict, posting for it is not so easy as well. One needs to have sufficient amount of finances and legal assistance to post bail in the court. Also, bail is a very long legal process. In most of the cases, a defendant lacks the financial backing and legal assistance for posting bail in the court. This is where one takes the assistance of the bail bond companies. But, before making a brief explanation about the bail bond service, it is first necessary to properly define the bail process. One should have a clear understanding of the bail process as only then they can properly understand the process of bail bonds services.

What is Bail?

Bail is a legal process of temporarily releasing an accused defendant awaiting court trial out of jail on the guarantee of some valuable asset or money.”

The money or collaterals charged from the defendant at the time of bail aims to serve as a surety that the defendant will properly appear in the court trails without fail.

What Is Bail Bond Services?

A bail bond process is a method of seeking release from jail by depositing a legal paperwork in the court in addition to value added assets or cash.

A bail bond service is a process of posting bail with the financial and legal help of a bail bond company. A Bail Bond company is any corporation, agency, or insurance company that acts as a surety and pledge money guarantee in front of the officiating judge for the appearance of the accused defendant in the court trial without fail.

With the help of the bail bond services, many defendants, who cannot afford the bail amount, can now seek bail.

Though the bail bond service is not prevalent everywhere. It is a popular option to seek bail only in the United States. If you hire the bail bond services, you can remain rest assured to get a quick bail release from jail. This is mainly because; the only difficulty for getting a bail is the financial constraint and legal time frame required to process the bail. But, the bail bond services allow you get quickly come out of jail by providing competent financial assistance and faster legal services. The bail bondsmen tend to have good contacts with the court officials due to which your bail paperwork gets processed quickly leading to faster release from jail.

Where to Get the Best Bail Bond Services?

There are many companies, which offer highly competent bail bond services to defendants. But, the bail bond companies in Downtown Houston are the best in terms of the bonding services. You can completely rely on the bonding services provided by the Downtown Houston bail bond companies. You do not have to think about the solicitation issues when hiring the bail bond companies in Downtown Houston area.

For better understanding that why the bail bond companies in Downtown Houston are the best, take a look at the below points:

  • Highly rated bail bond companies Online
  • Popular for offering the fastest bonding services in the entire Texas
  • 24/7 hour assistance for the bail bonds
  • Instant processing of the bail paperwork
  • Best reviewed bail bond companies by the previous clients online
  • And much more

Thus, if you wish to quickly get out of jail, then consider hiring the bail bondsmen of the bail bond companies in Downtown, Houston, TX.

Why Do You Need a Bail Bond Service? A Comprehensive Analysis and Explanation

Confinement to Jail for some or the other criminal activity is a very common thing. Doing an activity that is an offense in the eyes of the Judiciary leads to imprisonment. But, none of the convictions can declare a person criminal until the court makes its final verdict. An arrest mostly takes place on a presumption or doubt that an individual has likely committed the crime and so they are arrested in order to process the trail in the court for analyzing the actual truth of the matter.

Getting suspected for a crime leads to an arrest and enforces forceful confinement in the jail. Jail is one of such places on earth that nobody wants to ever visit in life. It is the most humiliating places to survive for any individual. For people who get wrongfully suspected for a crime tends to get immensely affected with the atmosphere of the jail. So, most often people seek bail to get a temporary release from the prison and await their court proceedings from outside of jail. But, getting a bail is not an easy task. The process of bail involves a lot many things like financial capabilities, consideration for the crime for which the defendant has got arrested, likely threats for the defendant outside the jail, and much more alike.

The process of seeking bail is a long and sometimes a very complicated process. Also, if you are not financially strong, then attempting to get a bail is not possible because for getting bail, you need to make a financial guarantee in the court on the basis of which the court will release you from jail.

In the United States, evidently, the rate of convictions is quite high. You can find a bunch of young U.S citizens getting convicted for some or the other criminal offense. The rate of convictions in the U.S makes the jail a very congested place. In fact, the U.S jail is overcrowded with criminal defendants out of whom, half are the people, who are seeking a bail release but are not getting it due to lack of finances or other legal obligations.

Why Take the Help of the Bail Bond Agents?

Bail bonds are a service that mostly prevails in the United States. The service of bail bonds aims to assist defendants seeking a bail release with the means of bail finances and legal assistance. The bail bond companies are like insurance companies that provide the financial assistance to defendants attempting to get a bail and also help them process the legal paperwork of bail as early as possible. If you are seeking help for coming out of jail, then taking the assistance of the bail bond companies should be the ideal choice for you.

Taking the service of a bail bond company is a great help because not everyone can afford the bail amount that the officiating judge set for a release from the police custody. There are numerous cases filed in the police records, where it is evidently seen that the criminal defendants died inside the jail because of their inability to afford the bail deposit money.  Let’s make a brief analysis on the need and importance of the bail bond service.

What Are the Consequences of Not Able to Post for Bail?

America’s criminal justice system is very stringent. It is evidently seen that the rate of criminal activity in the United States is enormously high. Because of the high rate of arrests, the jail in the US tends to be very congested. There are bunch of criminal defendants, who cannot afford the bail money. This situation has led to various reports of deaths inside the jail. The police records of such death are quite high in the United States area.

Case Study:

Jeffrey Pendleton, a 26 year old young man arrested on March 8 under the misdemeanor criminal charge. The officiating judge looking into this case has ordered a typical low-figure money bail so that he can come out of jail. But, the unemployed Jeffrey could not afford the bail amount. On March 13, he was found unconscious in his cell and was declared dead hours later.”

The case of Jeffrey Pendleton is one of the many cases filed in the Texas police records which show that one could not afford bail and died inside the police custody.

Evidently it is seen that more than 12 million jail bookings in the United States each year are for low-level and nonviolent criminal charges. But, still there are too many defendants in the jail, who await their day in the police custody because they cannot afford the bail money.

So, if you are unable to pay your bail bond, then it is important that you get in contact with a bail bond company. A bondsman will provide assistance to clients with upfront money so that they can post bail and get out of the jail.

Contact the Bail Bond service providers today and get yourself out of the prison.

Hire a Fast Bail Bond Company to Get a Easy Release Out of Jail on Bail

Have you ever been to jail for a crime? Jail is a place for the confinement of accused individuals of a crime. It is one of the only places that you never want to visit. Getting suspected for a crime or activity that is an offense can even lead to arrest. An arrest occurs when a person is taken to jail until proven innocent. This forces a defendant to suffer the pain of staying inside the jail.

Undoubtedly, jail is never a pleasant place to stay. The humiliating environment of the jail makes it difficult for an individual to survive inside the jail system. There are plenty of cases filed in the Police records, where it is seen that the arrested defendants died inside the jail because of their inability to suffer the harsh environment of the jail system. Looking into the range of negative aspects related to the confinement of accused defendants, the judiciary system has introduced a system of bail, in which, a defendant can get a release from the prison by making a monetary guarantee in the court in order to ensure the appearance of the defendant in all the court case trial proceedings. This is what a bail bond service does.

The system of bail is very helpful to get a temporary release from jail and escape staying in the harsh atmosphere of the prison. Bail can be defined as a financial guarantee having some value, which ensures that the convict will appear in all the court trials without fail. The bail system enables a temporary release from the jail and allows the defendant to await the case trial in the court from outside the jail.

What Is Quick Bail Bond Service?

In the U.S., the bail bonds services are immensely popular for helping people. Bail bonds services are mainly for providing helping a defendant out of the jail on a bail release. This assistance can be both financial as well as legal. With the help of the bail bond services provided by a bail bond company, a defendant can come out of jail much quickly and conveniently. By hiring a bail bond company, you can get a quick release from jail. The bail bond is the legal paperwork with the help of which a defendant makes a pledge in the court. Based on bail bond submission with the money, a bail process is initiated in the court. So, by taking the help of the quick bail bond services, one can get a release from jail much conveniently.

The service of bail bonds is mainly in the United States of America. In reference to the statistics report, it is quite evident that the rate of arrests in the US is quite high as compared to any other place. Due to the high rate of arrest in the US, the service of bail bond has obtained a huge momentum among the people.

There are many bail bond companies in the U.S that provide bail bond services. With the help of these bail bond services, one can easily get a quick bail release from the police custody without having much trouble and inconvenience. These bonding companies take the surety of the defendant in the court on the basis of which an accused gets a release from the police custody.

Which Is the Best Bail Bond Service Provider?

The United States is the hub of the bail bond companies. There are numerous notable bail bond companies, which provide impeccable assistance to defendants for posting a bail in the court and getting a release from the police custody. The surety bail bond companies in Texas are the ones, which provide immensely quick services to defendants for posting a bail in the court. These companies are licensed bail bond service providers that provide extremely convenient assistance to people for posting a bail in the court. Some of the reasons why people hire a surety bail bond company located in Texas are:

  • Affordable Bail Bond Rates
  • Quick Bail Bond Paperwork Processing
  • Zero Percent Interest on bond financing
  • No Interest on collaterals
  • Online bail bond assistance
  • 24/7 Availability

All these services make the assistance provided by a surety bail bond company in Texas highly reliable for getting a quick release from jail on bail.

Thus, if you are willing to get a quick bail release from jail, then consider taking the assistance of the surety bail bond companies in Houston, TX.