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What Establishes an Arrest Without a Warrant in Texas?

Have you or your loved one ever been arrested by a police officer without a warrant?  It is paramount to know the law so that you understand when it is being used against you.

For a police officer to make an arrest, they must produce an arrest warrant. A judge issues an arrest warrant after the law enforcement officer gives a credible reason for why the arrest should be made.

The arrest warrant is for detaining a suspect and confiscate any personal property that may be part of the crime committed.

So what happens when the police show up without a warrant? According to the Ch.14 of the Texas penal code, there are times you can get arrested without an arrest warrant. For example, if you commit a crime when a police officer is witnessing. Also, If a judge witnesses you commit a crime, an arrest warrant is not needed. The officer who arrests you in such circumstances cannot investigate further.

Probable Cause

To be arrested, a law enforcement officer has to show facts that you are guilty of a crime. The law enforcement officer cannot use a hunch to say that one is about to commit or has committed a crime. They have to back their suspicion with facts and rational inferences. Examples are if you admit to committing a crime, are involved in domestic violence, or even if you are in a suspicious place or a scene of the crime.

Public Intoxication

Public intoxication is where an adult poses a risk to themselves and others. When this happens, a law enforcement officer has the right to arrest them. The release of a person is only to another adult capable of taking care of them until they sober up.

Arrest in Texas without a Warrant

When any of the above happens, the law allows an officer to make an arrest. Other than that, a police officer cannot arrest without a warrant. If that happens and you are sure that a police officer did not witness you committing a crime or posing a danger to yourself or those around you, then you can call a lawyer immediately. A lawyer or a bond bail agent will help you get bail and be released quickly. The longer the time you delay, the more the chances of you spending time in a Texas Correctional facility.

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What To Do If Your Loved One Get’s Arrested?

What to Do If Your Loved One Gets Arrested For Drug Possession

Don’t we all dread that midnight call that informs us that our loved ones have been arrested! Unluckily, such things do happen. How can we ensure that they are in safe hands?

One good way of handling the situation is getting in touch with a bail bond agent. A bail bond quickens the recovery process and reduces the time they get to spend in jail.

You want to:

Communicate with the jail

Find out where your loved one is being held at. You will also need to find out the required bail amount. The process of booking them in jail usually stipulates the required amount.

Get in touch with a bondsman

The bail for your loved will be resolved by the extent of the offences they were arrested for. A trivial amount of illegal substances can drive the bail amount even up to five figures.

Very few people can afford such an amount. If you find yourself in this situation, a bail bond agent can come to your rescue. They will need you to deposit $100 or a tenth of the bail amount to ensure that your loved one gets released from jail with the promise that they will adhere to the set rules.

Do you need a private lawyer?

It is a good idea to hire a private attorney.

Nevertheless, most drug offenders can be represented by a public defender. Legal charges are widely known to be as high as $30,000, an amount that most people can’t afford.

If you are thinking of hiring your own attorney, your best bet would be hiring our bail bond services at just 10 percent of your bail amount. Once you have secured your freedom, you can use the remaining cash to pay your attorney.

Ensure that they don’t skip any court date

Bonds are issued to individuals who can be trusted to appear in court as required. Failure to show up to a hearing demonstrates that you should be denied bond.

Make sure that your loved one goes to court. Otherwise, both of you will be held liable for the full bond amount. Skipping trial leads to a spiral of events, a dangerous downward trend that may affect how one is treated when they appear in court at a future date.

If your loved one can’t attend court for a legitimately accepted reason, notify your bondsman immediately.

Link your loved one with all the help that they need

It is important to enroll your loved one into a program that can help them overcome their drug problem. Reputable treatment programs can give them the support that they need.

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, they will need help to begin a sober life. Don’t let them become part of the ninety percent of drug aficionados that do not get necessary treatment.

At A Mobile Bail Bonds, we devote attention to finding ways of keeping your loved ones out of jail and getting them out when need be. We would love to see all of you prosper in your adventures.

For those unfortunate times, consider getting in touch with us to learn aftercare options for your loved one. You will also enjoy our support throughout the process. Call us on 713-463-7774 today.


What Are Your Options If You Can’t Afford To Post Bail

What Are Your Options If You Can’t Afford To Post Bail

Have you been taken into custody for any crime? It is good to know the options that can help you out.

Your bail will be set once the authorities book you into county jail or determined by a judge within 24 to 36 hours.

The amount of bail is dictated by the nature of the crime, your criminal record and to what extent you are considered a flight risk. In some instances, you may find that the bail amount is not within your budget. This does not imply that you have run out of options.

We have put together this post to educate you on what you can do if you cannot afford to post bail.

Wait out your jail term

If you don’t wish to post bail or simply can’t raise the amount, you have the option of standing by for your trial.

But how long will you wait?

It depends on the nature of the crime that led you into the situation and the number of cases waiting to be cleared in court. While you have the right to a swift trial, you could end up waiting for a few weeks.

Request the Judge to reduce your bail

You could request for a reduction through your attorney. If it is found that the bail is immoderate and is a burden to you, the amount may be reduced.

The judge will then determine if the final amount takes circumstances into consideration before making it official. You need to be wary of certain limitations though.

Failure to appear in court after your bail has been reduced will result in an increase in the amount. You will also be re-apprehended.

Talk to your loved ones to lend a hand

Your relatives and friends may be your way out of a sticky situation. They could raise the funds needed to post your bail or get you released from jail by taking out a bond.

Your loved ones, particularly those that depend on you or loyal friends who you have helped out in the past may feel empathetic enough to come through for you at your time of need.

Bail bonds could get you released from jail

A bail bond requires you to pay either $100 or up to 10% of the required bail to the state, depending on what the bondsman thinks is high enough to ensure that you will appear in court.

The bail bondsman then posts the amount on your behalf, trusting that you will adhere to what the court wants from you.

If you cannot raise the specified amount or fail in your attempt to get a reduction, you still have options that can help you out.

At A Mobile Bail Bonds, we will exploit all legal procedures to ensure that you are released as you await the official date of your trial. And what’s more? Our flexible payment plans will come in handy if you discover that the set bail is out of your reach.

Get in touch with us hassle-free, by contacting us on 713-463-7774 all day, every day.


Five Common Terms Related to Bail

What Are the Five Common Phrases and Terms That Relate To Bail?

What is bail?

After you have been arrested, the court may specify an amount of money that you can part with for your freedom as you await trial. The money works as an incentive and promise that you won’t flee if released temporarily.

The amount paid will be refunded if you obey court rules such as appearing in court on time. Here are some terms that you might encounter if you are dealing with bail issues for the first time.

  1. Bail bond

A few individuals may be able to pay the full bail amount out of their pockets. Others will need to get in touch with a bail bondsman. Regardless, your cash bail will be refunded, though not necessarily fully as the court will take out certain costs and fines.

How do bail bonds work?

A bail bondsman can legally help you out if you are unable to raise the full amount. They will charge you a tenth of the required amount, but post your full bail amount if you can be trusted to appear in court as required.

  1. Collateral

Collateral helps you secure your bail. Here is an example of a collateral:

Say, you don’t have the required money in cash form, but you are a proud owner of a beautiful home whose value can cover the bail amount. You could provide your house as collateral if your bond agent asks you for one. Still, you need to pay $100 or 10 percent of the total bail amount upfront depending on whichever is higher.

  1. Conditions

Posting bail doesn’t make you a free citizen. It is the court’s way of letting you attend to your obligations but with some conditions.

You may be asked to stop engaging in certain activities, stop meeting certain people, or be placed under a curfew.

  1. Warrant

These are official papers that empower the court to arrest you or conduct searches on your property. Say, it is determined that you can be released on condition that you don’t possess any unregistered items on your person. To prove that you qualify to be released, the court may issue a search warrant on your property.

Failing to show up to court will issue a bench warrant which gives officers the power to find and arrest you.

  1. Bail recovery agent

You want to obey what the court requires of you. Otherwise, you risk making your situation complicated, which complicates the process of being free again.

One outcome of disobeying your trial date is losing your bail. If you had sought the help of a bail bond agent, whatever trust they had in you will be broken. Their new duty will be to find you and turn you in. You may need to settle the full bail amount depending on the turn of events.

Further, any collateral that may have secured your bail bond will be compromised. You risk losing it as the court tries to settle the amount that was exchanged for your temporary freedom.

We believe that the above explanations have shed light on matters relating to bail. If you wish to learn more about bonds and bail, feel free to reach out to A Mobile Bail Bonds today.
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