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Blue Warrants and How They Affect Your Felony Bail Bond

What To Do If You Are Issued A Blue Warrant

Blue Warrants are a common term among those on probation or parole. However, others are not really aware of this term. To shed some light on this issue, A Mobile Bail Bonds has taken the initiative to enlighten defendants. This guide below will be invaluable for knowing how Blue Warrants work and what to do if you’re on the receiving end. Let’s take a look:

What is a Blue Warrant?

The probation office will take action on any defendant who violates the standard terms of probation. Said office will work with the prosecutors of Texas to take legal action against the accused. First of all, the probation office will issue an arrest warrant after filing for the Motion to Revoke Probation. Subsequently, a special warrant to revoke probation will be issued to the offender who has violated the probation laws of Texas.

Said warrant is known as a Blue Warrant or Parole Revocation Warrant. Arrestees on a Blue Warrant are ineligible to being bonded out.

The Aftermath

What follows is a court hearing after being arrested under a Blue Warrant. The court will then provide evidence of probation being violated by the accused. Unless they can produce evidence, the revocation will be reversed.

The judge will decide the punishment depending on the severity of the violation and his own discretion. The accused might need to serve the jail time owed from his/her original sentence or even be given community service hours. Alternatively, if the offender needs treatment for mental illness or substance abuse, he/she might be subject to attending support groups or staying at a treatment facility. In addition, there are also other consequences like house detention, fines and work release. Plus, the judge will also notify the accused of other consequences if probation is violated again.

Courses of Action

If you are an arrestee under a Blue Warrant, please speak to you attorney with utmost urgency. Your attorney is the best person to determine the next course of action so do book a meeting as soon as possible. Moreover, such legal personnel will also be able to guide you on what to say (and what not to say) while speaking under oath to the presiding judge. Always remember to avoid talking to police officers in the absence of your lawyer.

Contact Us If You’re Facing Jail Time

Getting out of jail as soon as possible is important since you don’t want to miss out on family time with your loved ones. Based on your income, A Mobile Bail Bonds can set up a payment plan to cater to your specific needs.

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How to Fund Your Bail Bond When You Can’t Afford It

5 Ways To Fund Bail When You Can’t Afford It


There are many prisoners in America that have been convicted for minor offenses but can’t afford the bail. They just wait for their trial that can take from a few months to a few years. So, many people need to know how to fund bail when they can’t afford it. If you find yourself or someone you know in this situation, you can do the following things:


Contact Family and Friends


Other family members may want to help because families tend to come together in hard times. However, you should expect them to ask for details and want to think of the situation. It is not easy for some people to spend a significant of money, while they may have worries about helping someone who can run from the law.


Next, you can contact some friends that would be willing to help you. Of course, they must be able to offer some money. Again, they will ask for details, and the best strategy is honesty.


Put Up Collateral


If you have some assets that are worth a significant amount of money, like real estate, an expensive car, or a bond, you can put these times as collateral. It is a great way to secure the bail without selling them. If this is not an option, you can then think of selling something of value.


Ask Help From Your Lawyer


First, your lawyer can help you communicate with your family and be the middleman. They can keep them informed and requested help with the bail because they are more experienced in handling these situations.


Then, he may find people that you and your family don’t know. A lawyer can find members of your community who can help or find local and federal programs that can assist with the bail.


Lastly, it is always good to talk to your lawyer before talking to other people or taking any actions. His job is to figure a way to get you out of jail. You can also request a lower bail amount through your lawyer. In some cases, the bail amount is excessive, and your request will be granted.


Own Recognizance


It applies to low flight risk cases and minor crimes most of the time. Also, the defendant may have this option when there is no enough space in jail. In these cases, the defendant is released on his own recognizable. It means that the defendant promises to return to the court.


A Mobile Bail Bonds


A bail bonding company like A Mobile Bail Bonds can help you with paying the bail. They know the process and have helped many people in the same situation before. You can also ask for payment plans that could be possible in some cases.


If you want to post a bail bond for yourself or someone else, A Mobile Bail Bonds can work with you every step of the way. For more information, you can contact us on 713-463-7774.


When Your Spouse or Loved One is Arrested

What To Do When Your Spouse Is Arrested


If you receive a call from your spouse in jail, it will be an alarming situation. An arrest is the beginning of a process with court dates and legal proceedings that can take weeks or months. Here are few things you can do when your spouse is arrested and being held in jail.


Keep The Phone Call Brief


When your spouse is arrested and makes the phone call, you will be curious and have many questions. It is ok to be surprised and want to learn more about what happened.


However, phone calls from jails are recorded. If you ask for details, your spouse can accidentally incriminate himself. The best approach is to ask for the information you need, like what jail he is being held in and why he was arrested. You can ask for the details when your spouse is released and comes home.


Post The Bail To Release Your Spouse From Jail


Your spouse will appear before a judge who will set a bond amount. The process is quite straightforward on that part. You can pay this amount and release your spouse from jail. You can pay in check or cash, and then your spouse will be released.


The bond amount is not standard and varies depending on the charges. In some cases, you will not be able to post the bail by yourself because the price will be too high.


If you can’t afford the bond amount, you can still take some action. You can contact A Mobile Bail Bonds, which is a bail bond company. You will pay a non-refundable fee, and the company will pay the rest of the bond amount.


Your spouse must appear in court when is requested. If he misses court appearances, the court may request to keep the full bond amount. In this case, you will have to repay the bail bond company.


Hire A Lawyer Right Away


You must hire a lawyer when you learn that your spouse is arrested. If you wait for too much time, your spouse may forget details of what happened that could help him on the court. On the other hand, hiring a lawyer right away can help get the important details from your spouse as they are fresh in his mind.


So, wasting time is not a good idea. A lawyer also has more time to prepare the case when you call him right away instead of several days later.


A Mobile Bail Bonds – Let Us Help You


Most people don’t expect that someone in their family will get arrested. So, they are unprepared and don’t know their options. A Mobile Bail Bonds can help you with the bonding process and let you know your options.


People shouldn’t remain in jail because of their financial situation. Everyone should have the same rights in freedom. So, we are ready to help you and simplify the bail bonding process whenever you need us. You can make a call on 713-463-7774 for more information.


Navigating Through Domestic Violence

Navigating Domestic Violence Charges in Texas


Below you will read the three types of domestic violence that are recognized under Texas Law. Domestic violence can have heavy consequences, depending on the case. Each type of domestic violence has different penalties, as explained in this post.


Domestic Assault


We can define domain assault as a threat or a violent act against a person with whom the defendant has an intimate relationship. A violent act can be anything that includes a bodily injury or a treat of bodily injury. The act must be intentional and not by accident. It can also involve physical contact, which is considered offensive or provocative by the victim.


If a person gets convicted for the first time, domestic assault is a Class A misdemeanor. However, domestic assault is a third-degree felony under Texas law if there is a previous conviction.


Aggravated Domestic Assault


This type of domestic violence applies to acts that cause serious bodily injury to the victim. The defendant could also use or exhibits a deadly weapon while doing the act of assault or threat of an assault.


With the term serious bodily injury, they can mean head injuries, broken bones, disfigurement, etc. A deadly weapon can be an object that can cause death to the victim. It includes objects that people can have in their houses for other uses like knives, firearms, baseball bats, etc.


The conviction for aggravated domestic assault is a second-degree felony charge.


Multiple Assaults Against The Family


When a defendant has more than one domestic assault in two months, the charge for multiple assaults against the family can apply. It can apply even if there are no previous convictions or the domestic assaults were against different family members. The conviction for this type of domestic assault is a third-degree felony.


Penalties For Domestic Violence Crimes In Texas 


Here are the potential penalties for convictions for the three types of domestic assault:


  • Class A misdemeanor: Up to one year in jail, $4,000 in fines, or both.
  • Third-degree felony: A prison sentence from two to ten years and up to $10,000 in fines.
  • Second-degree felony: A prison sentence from two to twenty years and up to $10,000 in fines.
  • First-degree felony: A prison sentence from five to 99 years and up to $10,000 in fines.


Additional Penalties


Restitution expenses may be ordered to cover the victim’s medical expenses, counseling, damaged property. First-time defendants may qualify for alternative penalties instead of their time in prison. Alternative penalties include completing a treatment program, serving in the community, committing no new crimes, and paying restitution.


We Can Help You


If you know someone that is arrested for domestic assault, you need to learn more about their bond status. Paying the amount of the bail bond will get them out of jail. So, you want to complete this process as soon as possible. You can contact A Mobile Bail Bonds on 713-463-7774 if you need help with the process and a quick release.


Wards of Houston

First Ward

The First Ward is in the northwest section of downtown Houston and is a historic district. In fact, it’s so close to downtown that those living in the unique mix of Victorian houses, old cottages, bungalows, and modern townhouses have a short 5-minute commute to the city center. This proximity to downtown makes the First Ward an ideal place for young professionals.

Additionally, a thriving arts district is also emerging in this Houston ward. The First Ward Arts District offers trendy galleries, cafés, and restaurants. The area has a strong sense of community with holiday parties, beautification days, and a community garden. Families moving to this ward often find that they’re so close to everything they need, it’s easier to opt for car storage in Houston and just walk or take the bus to wherever they want to go.

Allen’s Landing Park, which is considered the Plymouth Rock of Houston, is also in the First Ward. In 1836, this was the site where Houston founders John and Augustus Allen stepped ashore. Today, the 1.76-acre park features a terrace overlooking the bayou, a launch spot for kayaks and canoes, trails and walkways, and a large grass lawn. This is also the spot where the Asian American community and the Texas Dragon Boat Association hold their annual dragon boat race in the spring.

Second Ward

Since the community in the Second Ward is largely Mexican American, it also goes by the name “Segundo Barrio,” which is Spanish for “second neighborhood.” This Houston ward is east of the city. At one point, the area was mainly filled with industrial buildings. However, as those businesses moved elsewhere or closed down, developers started to transform the buildings into lofts. Additionally, many of the buildings in the Second Ward were built in the 1920s, so the neighborhood has some art-deco flair to it.

One major landmark in the Second Ward is Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. This church, which was built in 1911, was the first Mexican-American church constructed in Houston. Today, the church serves more than 3,500 families, and most of its masses are held in Spanish. The Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School is also connected to the church and is the oldest Catholic school in the city.

Third Ward

Perhaps no ward in Houston has gone through more diverse changes than the historic Third Ward, which has seen a Renaissance of restaurants and cultural activity in recent years. In the 1800s, the Third Ward was a neighborhood of Victorian houses and wealthy residents. However, construction of Union Station in 1911 saw the area become more industrial and less residential. Gentrification is slowly changing the neighborhood as people restore the old homes and developers build new townhouses. Most of the single-family homes in the area are sturdy brick houses. Today, it’s famous for being the ward where Grammy award–winning singer Beyoncé was born.

The Third Ward also is home to Texas Southern University and the University of Houston. These educational institutions are known for their stellar programs such as pharmacy, law, and education. Combined, their enrollment is close to 50,000 students. Since students come from all over the world to attend these Third Ward colleges, many find it convenient to simply rent a Houston self-storage unit for their belongings while they’re on break (and between dorm rooms) instead of hauling everything back and forth.

Fourth Ward

The Fourth Ward is located just southwest of downtown Houston. However, as the city continued to expand, many of the homes and businesses in this ward were torn down. This expansion continued until, by 1980, only one residential area was left in the Fourth Ward. Currently, this area is the smallest neighborhood in Houston, and it consists mainly of apartments and townhouses.

While the expanding city has taken many of the historic homes and buildings in the Fourth Ward neighborhood, not all have been lost. Sam Houston Park was established to keep some of the culture and buildings of historical Houston intact. Inside the park, homes such The Old Place (the oldest structure in the county) and the Kellum-Noble House (the oldest brick home in the city) are open for tours. The park is also home to Heritage Society Museum, a small museum committed to saving and showcasing Houston’s past.

Fifth Ward

The Fifth Ward is northeast of downtown Houston. It’s not one of the original wards designated by the founders of the city. Instead, the Fifth Ward was created from a northeast section of the First Ward and a northern section of the Second Ward. This area has witnessed many significant transformations during the past few years.

Lately, there have been more and more people looking for single-family homes throughout the city. Developers have noticed this and are attracted to the Fifth Ward because of its low real estate prices. Additionally, there’s a plan to bring theonce-popularr DeLuxe Theatre back to life with a 125-seat performing arts theater, retail space, laboratory, and classroom space.

Residents of this community also have access to Finnigan Park and Community Center. Here, they can enjoy a swimming pool, lighted tennis courts and sports fields, a playground, a 0.65-mile biking and walking trail, and an indoor gym and weight room. The park also offers fitness programs like adult aerobics and yoga. Or, residents can go to Swiney Community Center and take advantage of the basketball court and playground located there.

Sixth Ward

While the Sixth Ward is commonly called the “Old Sixth Ward,” it’s also not one of the original wards. It was formed in 1876 from a northern part of the Fourth Ward. Many of the buildings that are still standing, such as the bungalows and corner stores, were originally built between 1870 and 1900. Additionally, the Old Sixth Ward features the largest cluster of Victorian-era homes in the area.

There is a strong sense of community as residents fight to save these old homes. In fact, in 2006, the Houston Chronicle named the Old Sixth Ward as the city’s “Best Hidden Neighborhood.” This is a neighborhood that plans family-friendly activities, monthly happy hours, community meetings, and maintains an active website filled with helpful residential information.

The Sixth Ward is the first historic district in Houston to have more than 200 properties saved from demolition after the City Council voted to create a historic district for them. New residents who are taking on the challenge of restoring a historic home in this neighborhood (which has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978) may find it easier to store their furniture in Houston self storage as they renovate. Then, they can also enjoy the charm that makes Sixth Ward such a popular neighborhood in Houston.

Whether you’re looking for a good price on a house, an up-and-coming neighborhood, or a historic home you can restore, you’ll be sure to find a neighborhood that suits your needs in one of the six Houston wards.

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