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2018 Expertise Best Bail Bond Company in Houston connects people with the best local experts. We scored bail bonds on more than 25 variables across five categories, and analysed the results to give you a hand-picked list of the best bail bonds in Houston, TX. See why they picked A Mobile Bail Bonds!

A Mobile Bail Bond Service

A Mobile Bail Bond Service in Houston has been posting bail bonds for over ten years. If clients are unable to visit the office, a mobile representative can come to them. The business offers 0% interest with a reasonable down payment and affordable monthly payments. The business posts bonds for all types of cases from felony to misdemeanor and traffic violations. Weekly check-ins can be done via text for customer convenience to avoid weekly travel to and from the office. A Mobile Bail Bond Service will guide clients through the process and answer any questions they may have through the entire process.

Houston, TX(713) 463-7774


Bail Bond Financing

A Mobile Bail Bonds is proud to announce a partnership with  Now we are able to offer clients 100% bond financing.

Where other companies won’t lend without down payments, Bailrep has made it easy to secure down payment funds through there online portal.

It’s fast, simple and secure

BailRep assist families and individuals finance their loved one’s release from custody by providing emergency loans for bail bond premiums and affordable bail bond financing. Loans are used for misdemeanor and felony charges. Through our network of online bail bond lenders, we are able to provide you with financing options that are fast, fair and friendly.



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Post Bail up to $35,000

For every hundred online forms submitted, thousands of bail bonds payment options are made by bail bond lenders. There’s no risk, no cost. and no obligation. Offers within seconds.


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Cash Advance Bail Loan

Whatever the situation is, if you need a cash advance to bail someone of jail online – no money down, no collateral, payment plans – BailRep can help steer you in the right direction.


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Bail Bonds Payment Plans

No matter how big or small the bail, our lenders may have a payment option that can work for you. Once you’ve received your offers, you can review the terms and decide if it’s right for you.




BailRep fills the Gap in Bail Bond Premium Financing.

40% of your customers walk out the door because they can’t afford bail bond premiums. The lack of accessible financing options has caused huge revenue losses for bail bondsman all over the country. We can approve the applications other financing companies won’t, so you can write more bonds and earn more!


BailRep fills the gap

This is why we created BailRep – a no-hassle solution that provides bail bond premium financing, thus allowing far greater number of approvals. Our lending partners covers all the risk, offer guaranteed payments to customers, and there is no “fine print” or “hidden fees.”


Eliminating the downsides of traditional financing

Aiming to be a true customer and partner in the finance industry, we have eliminated the downsides of conventional financing and created a zero-hassle, quick-financing solution for you and your customers.


BailRep is all about freedom

We truly believe that bail bond premium financing can change the lives of millions of customers in this country. We imagine a world where customers are not discriminated against by their credit rating, and they are respected and cared as human beings.


A human approach to financing

We create a positive and conducive environment for customers, and support those who lack emergency funds set aside to cover unexpected events and expenses. Instead, we work with customers, to help them navigate life’s unexpected challenges that get in the way. This has a positive impact on yours and our credibility, and improves the relationship with the customer.


More than just financing

We are much more than financing. We’ll help you market to customers, and build a guaranteed stream of income. Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your business. Our dedicated BailReps are always ready to help grow your business, every single day.


Socially Driven Lending

Our simple application form can be completed right in your office, from home, a mobile device, and approved in under 3 minutes. No lengthy paperwork, no calling back and forth, and no daunting verification checks. It’s all simple!

Just visit .com   to start your instant online application.


Homicides Up In Washington DC

Since Washington D.C. is outlawed judges reviewing cases and implemented the new “Artificial Intelligence Jail Algorithm” we’ve seen a massive and unprecdented spike in murders. While most crime was decreasing, the rate is slowed for other crimes.  The only major change has been to eliminate judges from reviewing cases and removing the bail bond system from courts. It has proven dangerous and costly for society.

The statistics below reflect the data entered into MPD’s records management system (Cobalt) as of 12 am on the date above. The homicide numbers are based on numbers submitted by the Homicide Branch.

Offense 2017 2018 Percent Change
Homicide 50 73 46%
Sex Abuse 148 133 -10%
Assault w/ a Dangerous Weapon 888 792 -11%
Robbery 964 911 -5%
Violent Crime-Total 2,050 1,909 -7%
Burglary 731 626 -14%
Motor Vehicle Theft 1,076 1,067 -1%
Theft from Auto 4,981 4,538 -9%
Theft (Other) 6,699 6,116 -9%
Arson 4 3 -25%
Property Crime-Total 13,491 12,350 -8%
All Crime-Total 15,541 14,259 -8%

2017 Year End Crime Data*

Year-end 2017 data accurate as of January 2, 2018.

Offense 2016 2017 Percent Change
Homicide 135 116 -14%
Sex Abuse 347 296 -15%
Assault w/ a Dangerous Weapon 2,277 1,858 -18%
Robbery 2,983 2,183 -27%
Violent Crime-Total 5,742 4,453 -22%
Burglary 2,126 1,526 -28%
Motor Vehicle Theft 2,700 2,425 -10%
Theft from Auto 12,178 10,288 -16%
Theft (Other) 14,570 14,510 -0%
Arson 6 4 -33%
Property Crime-Total 31,580 28,753 -9%
All Crime-Total 37,322 33,206 -11%

As part of a recent data quality audit, the Metropolitan Police Department determined that our summary crime statistics were not capturing a small proportion of property crimes since the deployment of our new Records Management System in August 2015. These specific crimes were reported through the Office of Unified Communications’ (OUC) Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU) and crime categories impacted were: Theft; Motor Vehicle Theft; and Theft from Auto. Please note that this technical issue did not affect the handling of these cases as they were regularly transferred to MPD detectives for investigation and follow-up. The Department has corrected this technical issue, and the summary crime statistics presented here as well as on the public crime mapping website reflect this update.

On Being An American Citizen

In tumultuous times and political upheaval, there is always the land of liberty and opportunity. America that sacred nation which holds freedom and liberty of it’s people above all else. It is our believe at that everyone is entitled to freedom and we go the extra mile to show that with our bail bond services. Whether it means offering low down payment plans or a simple to use online bonding process.

We would like to share with you Theodore Roosevelts’ words on immigration and being an American.  Prisons try to incarcerate people, Bail Bonds man are here to get you out.

The next time you need help call 713-463-7774

What Type of Bail Bonds are right for me?

What Type Of Bail Bonds Are There?

Several people don’t know that there are truly a variety of bonds that can secure their release from jail, and those in custody need to pursue different options depending on their specific situations.

However, getting yourself out of custody can be a difficult and stressful process. The procedure is not made any easier by the fact that you must navigate the various kinds of bail bonds available to you. Thankfully, the bail system can help you or your loved ones out of custody fast, therefore it is of utmost importance to have a basic understanding of the kind of bail bond that are available before trying to secure a bond which is why we’re going through the different types of bail bonds you need to know, making it easier for you or your loved one to get out of jail and back to life.

The following are the most common types of bail bonds for defendants

Citation Release

Out of all the kinds of bail bonds, this is the best one to obtain, because it indicates you never actually get taken into custody. A citation release is obtained when the arresting officer does not take the suspect to the station; instead, he or she issues a citation that orders the suspect to appear before a judge on a given date. Citation releases are generally given for minor crimes as well as traffic violations.

A citation release is not something you apply for or fight for; instead, it is up to the discretion of the arresting officer. Should the officer decide to take you into custody, you will require to try for another kind of bail bond.

Surety Bond

The first and most common kind of bail a bondsman will offer is a surety bond. When you don’t have the cash to bail yourself out, you’ll need assistance from a bail bondsman. This kind of bond is secured by paying 10 percent of bail amount to your bondsman while as well promising to appear on your court dates.

The bondsman will cover the rest of your bail once you pay the 10 percent, enabling you to return home to your family and friends. Several bail bonds agencies are as well flexible when assisting you secures your surety bond, offering flexible payment plans that meet your requirements.

Property Bond

With this kind of bond, the full rights of the property should be utilized as collateral. Property bonds are not allowed in all states, but they are utilized in California on occasion. Numerous different kinds of property may be utilized, but real estate is the most common.

Recognizance Release

This kind of bail bond comes in second to citation release in terms of its simplicity for you. No money is required, only an assurance on your part that you will show up before a judge on the specified date. You will then be released from custody once you sign the paperwork. However, no money is charged for release, there is a fine for not showing up in court.

Recognizance release is something that may be obtained depending on the discretion of the arresting officers. But, you may require fighting for it in court. The benefit of seeking for recognizance release would be not paying bail; meanwhile, your lawyer fees could indicate that paying your bail particularly with a property bond or surety would be cheaper.

Federal Bail Bonds

Only federal bail bonds may be utilized when a federal crime is involved. These bonds process similar to property bonds in that the transaction is done directly with the court, without the use of a bail bondsman. Both property and cash may be utilized to obtain this bail bond.

Immigration Bail Bond

This kind of bail bond is only utilized for non-residents and non-citizens residing in the United States. Because of the lack of legal status of the arrest party, it is hard to obtain and precise criteria must be met for eligibility. However, a bail bondsman may assist you, but you must seek out someone who has the knowledge and experience with immigration bail bonds.

If you are struggling to understand or distinguish between all of these alternatives, give us a call. We have the years of experience required assisting you to determine which alternative is best for you and getting you or your loved one out of custody as soon as possible.