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Why Hiring a Bail Bond Company Is an Ultimate Convenience?

There are numerous reasons why the bail bonds companies are helpful. A bail bond agent is a person, who specializes in assisting with different kinds of bail bonds in order to release a defendant out of jail. These agents are people, who help a convicted individual to get a quick bail release from the prison.

Jail is never a pleasant place to stay. According to recent statistics, it is seen that the rate of arrests between the age group of 23-25 is quite high mainly in the United States. It is due to this reason that the jails in the U.S. remain highly overcrowded with people as there are plenty of individuals, who are inside the jail for a long duration of time and are not getting bail because of committing some serious crime. As per the latest survey report, almost 53% of the American citizens are seen getting arrested by the time they turn 23. Looking into this statistics report, it is quite evident that the assistance from the bail bondsmen is the only source of hope to come out of jail. The bondsmen have the expertise in handling serious criminal cases and know the needed procedure to be followed to get an accused out of jail on a bail release.

Getting out of jail on a bail release allow the defendant to stay at home while their case is processed in the court.

Importance of Bail Bondsmen

In the U.S, there are plenty of cases filed in the police records that show the accused died inside the jail due to their inability to pay the bail amount. Hiring a bail bondsman in such situation may be a great help for the defendant to get out of jail on a bail release.

The bail bond companies are like insurance companies, which provide legal as well as financial assistance to people for coming out of jail. If you have got arrested and seeking a bail release from jail, then hiring a bail bondsman will be a great help. The bail bond agent pay the maximum amount of bail money and assist the accused come out of jail on a bail release. The defendant has to only pay 10% of the bail money, which is also a non-refundable fee.

Best Bail Bond Company in Houston, TX

The bail bond system is mainly prevalent in the United States. As discussed earlier in this content, the rate of arrest in the United States is quite high, owning to which the defendants seek to take the help from the bail bond companies. In the United States, there are numerous bail bond agencies that provide assistance to defendants for coming out of jail. But, the bail bond companies in Houston, TX, are the ones, who have received huge appreciation from their clients for providing competent support and assistance to defendants for coming out of jail.

The Bail bond companies in Houston, TX, have received a huge rating from their previous clients and are the ones who have the best online reviews for providing bonding services in Texas. There are numerous reasons for which the bail bondsmen in Houston, TX, are considered the best.

Reasons for Considering the Texas Bondsmen the Best:

  • Instant processing of the bail bonds
  • Higher affordability of the bonds
  • 0% percent bond financing on payment plans and collaterals
  • Enable to post for bail online
  • 24/7 availability of the bail bonds
  • High reviews and ratings ensuring reliability
  • Fastest bail bond service in the entire Houston, TX, area

The above-mentioned factors highlights that you can trust the bonding services provided by the bail bond companies in Houston, TX. These bondsmen also regulate a rehabilitation program and are the ones, which help defendants get a job after coming out of the jail.

If you have got convicted for some criminal offense and seek to get a quick bail release from jail, then consider hiring a bail bond company.

Can I Use My Tax Refund for Bail Bonds?

The answer is yes! Whether your tax refund is a small amount or a lovely sum, you may use some or all of it to help bail your loved one out of jail.

We know yobailbondu’d rather spend or save this money for something else, and we know you’d rather not have to be bailing someone out of jail. But it’s best to pay the bail on time as quickly as you can so your loved one can come home.

Speak with a professional agent at A Mobile Bail Bonds. Besides your tax return, there are other options for paying bail. You can pull from various assets so you maintain a comfortable balance. You will work with your agent to come up with the best solution that fits your needs and finances. The number to call is (713)-463-7774

Unaware of $2 bail, man spends almost five months in prison

NEW YORK — Two measly dollars stood between a New York City man and freedom, but he had no idea.

Instead, a 41-year-old Queens man remained in a Rikers Island cell from November 2014 to April 2015, his new lawyers argued before a judge last week, according to the New York Daily News.

Aitabdel Salem was initially jailed on $25,000 bail after allegedly attacking a police officer who arrested him for shoplifting from a Manhattan Zara store.  The judge also ordered $1 bail for two other, minor charges — tampering and mischief.

When prosecutors initially failed to get an indictment on the assault charge just days after his arrest, Salem should have been able to walk free for less than the cost of a subway ride.

Salem, a native of Algeria, claims his first lawyer, Stephen Pokart, never explained the change in bail status to him.

Unaware that he could have posted the $1 bail on the other two charges, it would be almost five months before Salem left Rikers Island in May of 2015.  However, Salem missed his arraignment on the assault charge because of a court date mix-up, according to his lawyers, and he was tossed back behind bars — this time on $30,000 bail.

“(Salem) was shocked and dismayed and frustrated that his case was unconscionably mishandled and there was no communication by his attorney telling him his bail was $2 which he could have made at any moment,” argued one of Salem’s new attorneys, Glenn Hardy at a recent court hearing.  “You can’t do what you don’t know and if you’re a defendant in a criminal case you certainly have a right to rely upon the system (to know) what your next court date is.” Salem remains in Rikers Island after missing his court date.

Make sure you use A Mobile Bail Bonds next time Salem!